” Post online what you can say in real life.” ( Reaction )


              Life is a matter of choice. God gave us freedom to choose. It’s up to us on how we use this kind of opportunity. How we understand and how we grab in such a way. But everything in this world has it’s own limitation. Yes, we free but we must be careful on what we are doing everyday and and in every decision we decided.


                ” Post online what you can say in real life,” says Bianca Gonzalez. Nowadays many people are using social media in different ways such as: searching, finding meaning, having friends online, connecting to other people, playing, posting and sharing thoughts and ideas. As a part of this society and as also a media user, for me I am partly agree and partly disagree on her statement. We know Philippines is a democratic country, we have the freedom to speak, listen, share and oppose but above everything there is always s limitation. I agree to what Bianca Gonzales said because mostly of the people nowadays prefer to post in the social media about the things that they can’t say in person. Mostly of what they are posting is the feelings that they cannot express in reality. They want to express it using social media, hoping to find some advice, reminder and answers. It also helps to those people who cannot say in person the things they want to say, like about the government. They want to sent their complaint to government but they can’t because they don’t have the power to do this. So, the best way to extend their wants to government is the using  social media. By this they can easily leave a message and can follow up for the result. Also, if you are a shy type person and cannot share in person, you can use social media to share the positive ideas an experiences that would lead to help some people realize and be reminded on what you are posting. Posting in social media is a little bit important if you use it in a right way. Think before you post!

                     Today communication is not the problem anymore,the problem is the over power usage of communication for like when you are having a problem with your close friend in the middle of your anger you post in the social media about her and she reacted to it and you two debate on it because of the to much medium like the social media the friendship that you two have build  for a log time can be destroyed just because of the single click. That’s the disadvantage of posting only in online you cannot say in person. You cannot explain properly the true details of want you want post. You cannot express the true feelings you have in posting in social media and there is a possibility that the reader can’t understand your post because they cannot feel the message you want to extend. It is disadvantage because it makes a person having no respect, they use it in a wrong way. They use it to say bad words online and to attack their enemies. So, because of it there will be a mess. So, as a users we must be careful on what we are posting because it can ruin our lives. Think before we click!

                  “Nothing ever goes away once it is posted online.”

           unfriend-facebook-quotes-sarcastic-scold-photo7.jpg                                          when-i-tell-you-in-the-face-everything-that-annoys-me-in-you-i-will-never-regret-it-because-its-just-honesty-3afd5.png

                   The Internet is far more engaging as an interactive medium than broadcast. Barriers to creating content are going away; they’re almost gone. People are taking control of their entertainment. People are Tweeting, posting on Facebook and YouTube. – Ben Huh

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