Fake news: an snaky trend that’s fast becoming a world dilemma

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“Fake news” is a term that can mean different things, depending on the context. 

                 Fake news is a big thing in the field of Social Media Journalism. Fake news can be as simple has spreading misinformation.or as dangerous as smearing hateful propaganda. – Fabrizio Moreira

                If we are to function as a healthy representative democracy, our country needs to be able to count on everyday citizens to form logical deductions about issues, political wrangling, and policy. This takes critical thinking, or the capacity to step back from our belief systems and ask questions about content, composer, and evidence. And we also need to question ourselves more than ever, to ask about how and what we think, what strategies we use to make decisions, and what types of knowledge we value. Until we do so, fake news will continue to sink its insidious tendrils into all aspects of social life. We need to engage in what John Dewey in 1916 called “supplying the conditions which foster growth.”  Those conditions start with each of us and the way that we think about our own beliefs, rather than just observing what others say. This type of critical thinking opens up a whole new level of awareness, and we really need it as we embark on 2017.

Example of fake news:

                   The most blatant example of fake news to hit Germany so far occurred earlier this year over reports that a 13-year-old girl of Russian origin, known as Lisa F, had been raped in Berlin by refugees from the Middle East. The story received extensive coverage on Russian and German media who reported the allegations that she had been abducted on her way to school and gang-raped. The attack turned out to have been fabricated, as Berlin’s chief of police was quick to point out. According to Berlin’s public prosecutor’s office the girl had spent 30 hours with people known to her, and a medical examination proved she had not been raped.

                    Fake news will continue to prosper as long as our society is too lazy to stay informed from reliable sources. We have had problems with being uninformed in this country for decades. For whatever reason, it is too hard or inconvenient to turn on the radio or TV for 15 minutes a day and get reliable news. It’s not a matter of not having time. No one is so busy they don’t have 10 minutes to look up the news on their smartphone or turn on the radio so they can hear the news while they do something else. No, people just don’t want to make the effort. But they love to take the time to socialize with their buddies. For hours every single day. On social media. Where fake news lives. – Casey881

What fake news isn’t

Stories from satire sites: Websites like The Beaverton are intentional news parodies, and different sites have different standards for labelling their content as such. But readers who don’t know it’s satire may mistake it for fact, even if it’s clearly labelled as satire (especially if that labelling isn’t as clear when stories get shared on Twitter or RSS feeds).

Satirical stories from regular news sites: Opinion and feature writers in mainstream media will sometimes use satire or fanciful hypothetical examples to make a point. Check to see if it’s labelled as satire or opinion.

Honest reporting mistakes: Even the best reporters sometimes get things wrong, report things as fact before they’re confirmed or get spun by sources who aren’t telling the whole truth. But if there’s no intention to fool anyone, it’s not fake news.

Critical reporting to determine if something is a hoax or not: If a viral story seems too good to be true, news organizations can still report on what the public knows so far with skepticism and caveats as they try to figure out what’s really going on.

Journalism you don’t like: Enough said.

How do I spot fake news?

                  Google and Facebook have begun testing out new tools to help users better spot and flag fake news sites. Google is now barring hoax sites from its advertising platform and is testing fact-checking labels in Google News, and Facebook implemented a new system for users and fact checkers to report suspicious stories. Those tools aren’t available in Canada yet, though the companies say they will be soon.

But the most reliable media-literacy tool is your own common sense. Here’s a checklist that can help:

1. Eliminate the usual suspects

2. Trust, but verify

3. The smell test

4. A second opinion


                  As an Online Content Creator – whether it be as a blogger, a video blogger, a podcaster, a microblogger or a general social media participant – you are an important part of the wider public knowledge creation and discussion. This role carries with it a responsibility to be fair, honest and respectful not only toward your fellow members of society but also toward fact. The content you create today will more than likely outlast both the content’s relevance and your own lifetime and it is of vital importance that it be a truthful representation of the topic at hand not only for those who access it today but for those who access it in the distant future.

1. The Role of the Bloggers and Online Content Creators in Society

1.1. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information and Freedom of Content Creation, Publication and Expression, whether in print, in hypertext, in audio or video are basic elements of a democracy. The ability to produce and distribute independent content is among the most important rights in a democratic society.

1.2. Content Creators have important functions in that they carry information, debate and critical commentary on current affairs. Content Creators are particularly responsible for allowing different and independent views to be expressed.

1.3. Content Creators shall protect the freedom of speech, the freedom of Content Creation and the principle of access to any and all information that pertains to the public. They cannot yield to any pressure from anybody who might want to prevent open debates, the free flow of information and free access to sources. Agreements concerning exclusive event reporting shall not preclude independent news reporting.

1.4. It is the right of any Content Creator to carry information on what goes on in society and to uncover and disclose matters, which ought to be subjected to criticism. It is a Content Creator obligation to shed critical light on how Content Creators including individuals, the established press, media in general and themselves exercise their role.

1.5. As citizens and members of a free and democratic society Content Creators have an obligation to to protect individuals and groups against injustices or neglect, committed by public authorities and institutions, private concerns, or others.








” Post online what you can say in real life.” ( Reaction )


              Life is a matter of choice. God gave us freedom to choose. It’s up to us on how we use this kind of opportunity. How we understand and how we grab in such a way. But everything in this world has it’s own limitation. Yes, we free but we must be careful on what we are doing everyday and and in every decision we decided.


                ” Post online what you can say in real life,” says Bianca Gonzalez. Nowadays many people are using social media in different ways such as: searching, finding meaning, having friends online, connecting to other people, playing, posting and sharing thoughts and ideas. As a part of this society and as also a media user, for me I am partly agree and partly disagree on her statement. We know Philippines is a democratic country, we have the freedom to speak, listen, share and oppose but above everything there is always s limitation. I agree to what Bianca Gonzales said because mostly of the people nowadays prefer to post in the social media about the things that they can’t say in person. Mostly of what they are posting is the feelings that they cannot express in reality. They want to express it using social media, hoping to find some advice, reminder and answers. It also helps to those people who cannot say in person the things they want to say, like about the government. They want to sent their complaint to government but they can’t because they don’t have the power to do this. So, the best way to extend their wants to government is the using  social media. By this they can easily leave a message and can follow up for the result. Also, if you are a shy type person and cannot share in person, you can use social media to share the positive ideas an experiences that would lead to help some people realize and be reminded on what you are posting. Posting in social media is a little bit important if you use it in a right way. Think before you post!

                     Today communication is not the problem anymore,the problem is the over power usage of communication for like when you are having a problem with your close friend in the middle of your anger you post in the social media about her and she reacted to it and you two debate on it because of the to much medium like the social media the friendship that you two have build  for a log time can be destroyed just because of the single click. That’s the disadvantage of posting only in online you cannot say in person. You cannot explain properly the true details of want you want post. You cannot express the true feelings you have in posting in social media and there is a possibility that the reader can’t understand your post because they cannot feel the message you want to extend. It is disadvantage because it makes a person having no respect, they use it in a wrong way. They use it to say bad words online and to attack their enemies. So, because of it there will be a mess. So, as a users we must be careful on what we are posting because it can ruin our lives. Think before we click!

                  “Nothing ever goes away once it is posted online.”

           unfriend-facebook-quotes-sarcastic-scold-photo7.jpg                                          when-i-tell-you-in-the-face-everything-that-annoys-me-in-you-i-will-never-regret-it-because-its-just-honesty-3afd5.png

                   The Internet is far more engaging as an interactive medium than broadcast. Barriers to creating content are going away; they’re almost gone. People are taking control of their entertainment. People are Tweeting, posting on Facebook and YouTube. – Ben Huh

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A Prodigious Encounter

 ” My life is my journey with God, it may be hard sometimes but i am assured it would be all worth it. “


Deuteronomy 4:29

“But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.

Why is the desire to have a relationship with God important? 

               Hi everyone! 🙂  I’m Novelyn . I just want to share to all of you my experiences and testimonies of how great is God in my life and how my life change after i encounter Him.

               Back when i was a child, I’m so mischievous. I always says bad words and i always encounter an argument with my parents. I can’t imagine my personality when i was a child. Don’t you? Maybe that’s what child really is, right? But in my young age i have the desire and willingness to listen the word of God. I maybe curious of who God is but in my young understanding He is our creator and Jesus is our savior. Yeah, that’s what i know about God however deep in inside i’m doubtful of who He is in my life. Days and years past, when i start going to school the desire in my heart in knowing and understanding my relationship with God is still there. My attitude and personality is still the same but my heart is beating something that i cannot explain. I don’t know what is it and all i feel  that my heart is searching an answer and an explanation to the questions of my mind. Also being a student is not easy, there’s also a lot of questions to find out but you can bump an  answers through your teachers in school. Not like about God, in that time i don’t know who can explain to me everything, every questions in my mind. So, i try to keep it up and wait for someone that can help me. When i was grade six, i encounter bible study and bible lessons. Yes, maybe i learn something but not that deep. I graduated in elementary as an achiever, that’s what they say. I’m happy for what i have and the first thing comes up in my mind that it is a blessing from God because God is the only one who creates me of who i am now, what i have now and what success i achieve. By the way, my family also believes in God, they pray and go to church. I also tried to asked them about God, yes i get some answers and i am thankful. I finished six years in studying in elementary but still for me there is always something wrong.

               When my high school life came, i expect a lot of expectations. I’m so amazed that step by step i find an answers, i am motivated to pursue what i desire to know and understand. I start to joined a bible class seriously and with the heart. I read bible and memorized a lot of verses to share to my classmate. I am also an active student and honor student in our class, and still it is a blessings for me. I am happy what i am doing but the problem is there is still bad attitude i cannot give up or change. Everything i do is still the same, wake up, go to school, joined bible study and pray but nothing change in my attitude, yeah, there’s something but it is not enough because i want more. Until two years came when i was a 4th year student i met this two beautiful girls :

               10321200_367689776688840_2060858708328341445_o 15622534_1255927521134966_5391826256864974690_n

                   These two namely,  ate Lynde ( left ) and ate Jaky ( right ). I don’t know what they are doing in our school because my classmates only met them in the first time. I asked my classmate about it and they said that they are sharing the the word of God, they sing a worship songs and play a game connected on what they are sharing. In my mind, i think that it is interesting and maybe i can learned from them and find some answers to my questions. So, when they come back again in our school i happily joined the meeting or what they called ” Open Cell “. I enjoyed and learned a lot of things, specially about God and i’m so very blessed to met them. Again and again, i always join the open cell because i believed that it is the answer to my prayers, to know God better, to understand what is life all about, to have an intimate relationship with God and to know what is my responsibilities as His child. One day, they said that they have an encounter in their church in Davao City, but i ignored it because i don’t know what is encounter all about. When they start to explain to me the purpose of this event i feel so amazed and automatically i said ” Yes to encounter”. I asked permission to my parents and in God’s grace they authorized me. When encounter came, it is so powerful, full of the presence of God and of the Holy spirit. Every questions in my mind and heart are answered. I said to the Lord ” Thank you and i love you Lord because you hear my prayers”. I realized all the things that God is so gracious, kind, awesome, great and everything. I learned a lot of things in the encounter or what they called “God Encounter” like religion that, it is not about what religion you belong but it is about God, the word of God and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. I pour all my feelings of a thankful and blessed heart and i cry to the Lord. ” Lord here i am, used me and send me to your beloved people to share your word, become a light to other life and to testify to everyone of how great you are in our life”.

                  And now i am a part of a ministry and organization that helps me to become more passionate in serving God and helps me learned a lot of things about my responsibilities, purpose, mission and what my life is. I am leader, leader that will lead in doing  good things and sharing the gospel. Maybe I’m not perfect, yes i’m not but i know God is perfect that will guide my way and my life. Now i am studying in University of Southeastern Philippines and I’m very blessed because God lead me always in achieving my goals. I surrender everything in His hand and praise Him with all my heart and soul. ” God will ensure my success in accordance with His plan not mine”.

                   I hope that this testimony inspire you in continuing and seriously serving God and praising His name. Find the presence of God right now before it’s too late. Be happy, be blessed and be a blessing. 🙂  Let God be our strong foundation everyday.

                                             God Bless everyone !